奈米銀絲-抑菌水活力,蓮蓬頭、洗衣球、隨身噴物 @ 黑米+凱恩的厝 :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

From now on, if you don’t want to be embarrassed in your social life ,
When you go out, not only wear powder to maintain your make up
If there are foot stink problems, do not forget to use our powder
(Really ??? Is this kind of thing really exist) YES ~ HERE
[Nano-silver] yarns powder➤

Before you use it, shake the bottle up and down several times
And take appropriate amount of powder sprinkled in the shoes, up and down of the sole or in the socks
It can ✔ keep dry and clean ✔ remove shoes smell
✔ To effectly Inhibit of bacterium growth and deodorization
-Use one to twice a week
-If your feet get sweat easily, you must have one

According to the World Health Organization survey.
Do you know the cleanser, washing powder caused skin disease,
accounting for 5% of the global outpatient?
Follow Nano-silver yarns to the new revolution in laundry

Washing machine can be a good place to get rid of dirty bacteria
It can also be a good place to breed bacteria and infectious diseases
The key point is, do you focus on the laundry tray clean!
The whole family's health is in your hands

【Water-invigorating,nano silver. Ionizing. Active. Bacteriostasis-inducing laundry ball】
Immediately upgrade your washing machine to # nano silver washing machine
Not only antibacterial, deodorant, mildew proof , anti-allergy
The cleaning of the laundry tank is also taken care of!
Kill two birds with one stone! Super convenient!

This bath tool, makes bath into a cool thing
Not only can clean the skin, prevent allergies, inhibit dandruff, anti-scalp itch.
Besides, it can also keep the bathroom away from mold and smell!
Awesome ! Come and see what it is?
【Nano-silver shower-head】
Utilize far infrared and negative ions to soften water .
Take care of the whole family's skin but also to eliminate fatigue.
Have a try!ლ(・ω・*ლ)

【Nano-silver(Ag+)】A good partner of life! Add some water to the spray and soaking for 1-2 hours. The whole bottle will full of antibacterial, antibacterial, deodorant silver ions Such as shoebox, carpet, kitchen, bathroom, helmet lined As well as skin-related redness, acne, mosquito bites Baby's ass clean, etc., all can be used.
It can be said to be omnipotent.
Nano-silver yarns-the best friend of life.

I don’t like to wear shoes for years so that the skin of my foot becomes very thick.
I used to exfoliate,but it will be very tinging after Wiping lotion.
And the effect is not significant .
After using spray (about a week), not only tingling situation is improved, feet also become tender.
For the person like me who lazy in maintenance It is really easy to use!

She has tender skin , easy to allergies.
Fortunately, use spray regularly on the face,
There will be no swollen anymore.

● 奈米銀絲(Ag+)活性抑菌日常生活用品 (字幕版)

After using Nano- silver filter,
it effectively reduce the incidence of bad breath, stool, pet enteritis and pear-shaped.
No more Bad breath, stool and enteritis.
The longer you soak it,the better antibacterial you have.
Applicable to all kinds of drinking fountains.
【Nano-silver filter for pet】 It can avoid secondary pollution of water.
Kill the bacteria produced by the residual saliva.
Prevent bad breath, clean up the stool and reduce pet enteritis, pear-shaped flagellates and other symptoms of the incidence Nano-silver filter for pets.
Cats, dogs, rats, rabbits and other pets are applicable.

Hmm,the puppy is so cute! But it will bring dirty smell, and also bring insects.
Fortunately,we have Nano-silver deodorant powder for pets.

The use of natural corn flour, not with calcium carbonate powder (commonly known as lime powder), and did not add chemical powder, will not assulate pets.
Sprinkled on the pets or feeding environment, can inhibit the breeding of bacteria, to avoid skin infections, but also achieve the effect of deodorant!
# Natural, mild ,no chemical ingredients,will not cause damage.
# cat slaves can also be mixed with cat litter.
start now!